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Songs from two bands I’ve played in, Double Vision and S.O.T., as well as some work I’ve done on my own.

Double Vision

  • Einar Eikaasen – Guitar / Lead Vocals
  • Leif Bærstad – Drums
  • Dag-Rune Omland – Bass
  • Thomas Hammer – Synth

Long Gone (E. Eikaasen), 1990

Double Vision: Long gone


The Loner (G. Moore), 1990

Double Vision: The Loner


When will you come (E. Eikaasen), 1990

Double Vision: When will you come


  • Fred Brenno – synth/sampler
  • Thomas Hammer – synth/sampler

Dance Mix (F. Brenno / T. Hammer), 1992
S.O.T.: Dancemix

Whistle (F. Brenno / T. Hammer), 1990
S.O.T.: Whistle

Waterfall (F. Brenno / T. Hammer), 1990
S.O.T.: Waterfall

Thomas Hammer

  • Thomas Hammer – synth/sampler/programming/editing

Times (T. Hammer), 1992

Mezz (T. Hammer), 1992
(Coming soon)

Planetarium (T. Hammer), 1992
(Coming soon)


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