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“Times” track on SoundCloud

Published on April 29, 2012 by in Music

I’ve dug up one of the first compositions I made on my own.

It was created in 1992 using only my Ensoniq EPS-16+ sampler workstation, using mostly sounds I have sampled and programmed myself.

The EPS-16+ was my first sampler, with excellent programming capabilities, polyphonic aftertouch, and a floppy disk drive. I remember finding fellow EPS users on the internet, exchanging instruments on ftp sites and copying to and from the custom Ensoniq formatted floppies using a program I wrote myself (low-level IRQ programming). Those were the days…

I still keep it around, although these days, I create most of my music using Ableton Live with it’s excellent built in instruments.

Some of the EPS-16+ instruments I created ended up as SoundFonts I made available on the HammerSound webpage.


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